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Cloud Engineer, Full-Time Job

Quilt is continuous data delivery. We transform S3 into a collaborative data lake and data catalog. You will be a key member of Quilt's San Francisco based engineering team. We are a tight-knit team of computer scientists who take pride in what we build. We are looking for an experienced Cloud Engineer, with strong computer science fundamentals, to deliver high-quality, delightful features to our customers.

You have experience with the following platforms and technologies:
  •     Python, including backend and web frameworks like Flask and Django
  •     Blob Storage (i.e. S3, GCS, etc)
  •     Enterprise software features (e.g. SSO, license management, IT configuration, and scripted deployment)
  •     Open source - managing projects and releases; engaging contributors
  •     Cloud-native and serverless applications

You use all of the following technologies (and have hacked the internals of one or more):
  •     Version control systems, especially git
  •     Distributed data
  •     Docker and Kubernetes
  •     Databases, both SQL and NoSQL
  •     AWS

You are committed to producing high-quality code in a team setting:
  •     Unit tests
  •     Code reviews
  •     Integration tests and continuous deployment

What we expect
  •     Know your software engineering.
  •     Have a strong CS background, in order to choose the right algorithms, systems, approaches, and patterns to solve problems.
  •     Hit the ground running. Therefore, 3 or more years of industry experience is required.
  •     Experience with Python, and at least one systems programming language (C++, Java, or Go).
  •     Experience with AWS and/or Kubernetes a plus.
  •     Act as a technologist.
  •      Bias towards action and shipping. Once you’ve sketched out an idea, you find the fastest path to a prototype to prove the concept.
  •      Strong ability to write production code quickly.
  •      Be comfortable with a range of languages, open source tools, and frameworks. You are excited to learn something new when the need arises.
  •      Be creative: you’ll come up with new ideas based on your broad understanding of technological possibilities and city domain knowledge.
  •     Solve problems, together.
  •     Come up with novel solutions, working well with non-technologists and others.
  •     Ask hard questions and challenge assumptions to ensure that we’re solving the right problems.
  •     Have the flexibility to work on the team’s most pressing problems.
  •     Care; about our customers, getting data infrastructure right, solving hard problems, and  making our team successful.

Nice to have
  • Experience with data science, data engineering, or visualization.
Minimum qualifications
  •     3+ years of leadership in commercial or open source settings
  •     BS in Computer Science or related field
  •     Demonstrated track record of shipping technical products at scale
About the job
  •     Generous salary and equity
  •     Full benefits (health, vision, dental, family/partner)
  •     Our offices are in the North Beach area of San Francisco
  •     Fun and close-knit team of craftsmen, hackers, and computer scientists who code as quickly as we debate

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